​Baby Shower! On June 24 following worship, you are invited to a baby shower for a new family affiliated with our church. Stephen Rayfield-Bates has been singing in our choir up until this year, because now he and his husband, Jay Rayfield-Bates, have a new baby on the way, have recently moved into a new house, and are getting settled as a family! Jays sister is carrying their child, a boy, and is due on July 4! We hope to have them just before the blessed event to receive a special time for gifts, cards, and loving wishes for this wonderful new child and beautiful family! Plan now to attend this special Meet & Greet in their honor. If you would like to bring a gift, the Rayfield-Bates family is registered at Buy Buy Baby (Chapel Hill store or online), either choosing a particular gift or you could give gift cards toward one. If you could also help by bringing some goodies to this shower, please let the office know by Wednesday, June 20. There is a chance this precious bundle could come early, so we hope it will work out that we can have some special time honoring this young family as we have others here. Hope you can be there!

Registration is now open for Music Camp 2018 which will be held Monday, August 13—Friday, August 17, and Sunday, August 19. Due to the growing popularity of Music Camp over the past few years, we will be implementing a cap on registration. This will allow us to ensure that we have the resources to provide a truly enriching and enjoyable experience for all children and youth
involved. Please register ASAP to guarantee your child’s spot at camp! You may register online at https://tinyurl.com/ECCMusicCamp2018. Please complete a separate form for each student that you are registering. Sign up today and share with a friend or family member! All are welcome! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Eden Brown by email at eccbells@gmail.com.

ONLINE GIVING IS AVAILABLE! Click or scan the QR Code on the top right of our website, eloncommunitychurch.org. Or look for the QR Code in the bulletin, Torch and other various church publications! From here you can use a credit card to fulfill pledge obligations or donate to various other funds.

​​​​​​​​​​Music Ministry Endowment Fund: Every week ECC is richly blessed with music as an important aspect of our worship. To augment the budgeted funds for these efforts your Music Committee has newly established a Music Ministry Endowment Fund. Your support of this fund may be to: General Needs, Guest Musicians, Choir Soloists, Music Camp, Hand Bell Maintenance, Organ Maintenance, Piano Maintenance, Other ___________. This Endowment Fund is an excellent channel for your expression of love at a time of memorial giving or to honor someone. It provides for beauty long after flowers will have faded. If your heart sings a melody after worship services may it inspire you to remember this newly created way for gift giving and sharing in the splendor of our music.

Organ and Vocal Recital CDs are on sale! You can purchase CDs from the church office during office hours. Proceeds will benefit Elon Community Church’s music Program.​

Good Shepherd Kitchen and Good Samaritan Fund

Every Sunday please bring canned foods which will be taken to Allied Churches' Good Shepard Kitchen. Also on the first Sunday of each month, donations may be made to our church's Good Samaritan Fund.