Committees and Boards

Church Constitution

Elon Community Church has many Committees and Boards that keep the church successfully running and its congregation active. Below you can find information on some of the boards along with more detailed information on their respective web pages.

 - Our Evangelism Board promotes our church both outside and within. Follow this link to view and/or download advertisements and graphics.

Missions - Our Missions Board focuses on serving God's people in every way possible. Follow this link to get a taste of who we donate to and the many missions projects we are involved in.

- Our Trustees Board keep our church in tip-top shape and handle all our business matters. Follow this link to view pictures and information about all the improvements that are continually taking place around the church.

‚ÄčChristian Education - Our Christian Education Board organizes all our Sunday School Programs, Bible Studies, and Vacation Bible School. Follow this link to see all the Christian Education Opportunities our church has to offer.

Fellowship - Follow this link to find out more about Fellowship Opportunities, along with checking out the Men's Fellowship and Women's Ministry!