Adult Classes

Senior Pastor's Sunday School

Many who quote the Bible don't really know it. Find out what the Bible really says as we travel through it. ​
​The class will be led by Randy Orwig. For questions, please contact him at  RevRandyECC@att.net

Seekers' Class

This class is intentionally a discussion-based class that chooses curriculum which could be called
faith-in-action or varieties of searching for more faithful discipleship. No topic or though is too controversial
​to "lay on the table." This class is facilitated by various leaders.

Christian Education Classes for All Ages

Catch the Excitement! Witness the Joy! Shape the Vision! Experience the Spiritual Growth!

Sunday School

Sunday School - Sundays at 9:30 - 10:15 am

Classes for Everyone! We have a class for you! New attendees are welcome year round.

Children's Classes

Nursery (Toddlers) 

Toddlers are wonderfully exuberant, active, and curious. Joyful noise is an important part of this ministry through songs, play, Bible stories, and conversations. Activities build knowledge through repetition, and lots of hands-on activities.

Grades K-2 and Grades 3-5

Using their thirst of imagination, children encounter the Bible through drama, storytelling, crafts, and the arts. Materials used in this class provide active engagement with the Bible which help students deepen their faith and their relationship to God and each other. 

Youth Classes

Grades 6-12, split into Junior and Senior groups

By using a variety of ways to explore the scriptures, the Bible is brought to life. Opportunities to explore faith and the world, and an understanding of mission and service at a deeper level are encouraged.